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About us


JS Digital Studio is a pioneer digital animation studio dedicated to producing ride simulation films, theme park attractions, 3D animated cartoons and visual effects for film, television and advertising. We are also one of the early companies in China who were engaged in making computer generated 4D Ride film.

In China, JS Digital Studio has always been a leading innovator in making 4D Ride film. We are also pecialized in the field of visual art creation. You may find in our works both business and cultural elements.

JS Digital Studio has a talented team in art creation and project plan. With a systematic process, we are experienced to provide our customers a chain of perfect service from storyboard originating to character designing, from movie making to film editing, and distributing. With years of efforts we have gained respects from both our customers and competitors.

JS Digital Studio has well-established relationships with the most advanced 4D hardware manufacturers in China. Until recently, some of the well-known museums, science centers, city planning agencies, theme parks, and amusement parks in China have become our clients.

If you are looking for some live-action or digital animation production, JS Digital Studio is your best choice. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

   Business includes

      4D films, Ride simulation films,

     films for cylindrical screen,dome screen, or water screen

      Special effects for film, television or advertising

      3D animated cartoons, computer game trailers or pre-shows

      Multimedia stage effects, post-production integration




4D Ride film

4D Ride film

4D Ride film

4D Ride film

4D Ride film

4D Ride film

4D Ride film

   Categories of attraction films

  There are mainly three categories in the market of attraction films: ride simulation film; four-dimension
and 4D ride film.

Ride simulation film is based on the general development of standard film. The angle of shooting is
always the angle of the subjective shooting camera. Audiences sit in the chairs that move accordingly
with the motions of the scene. With the film special effects like speeding, shaking and sudden falling,
viewers may have a feeling that they are actually in the film. There are two kinds of motion bases serve
for this purpose: platform base, which has 6-80 seats installed and the seats move together as a whole;
seat base, the other kind, is a base with only two seats. Each seat base moves independently. Both of
these motion bases are driven by hydraulic actuation.

  Based on stereoscopic 3D images, four-dimension film is added with environmental virtual reality.
By wearing special glasses, viewers may have a real-time experience of storming, lighting, raining,
striking, spraying, patting and so on, those correspondingly happen with the stereoscopic images.
The seats in 4D theatre has the function to spray, vibrate, and tickle. It is driven by pneumatic power.
Besides the seats, other special equipments are installed also to help responding to the content of
the film. These equipments can make snow, rain, lightning, smoke, bubble and other special effects.

  Both of these two kinds of film may bring stimulation, real-time feeling to the audience. The only
difference is: in ride simulation film viewers get the stimulation via movements, but in four-dimension
film, they get it via visions

  4D ride film is a combination of ride simulation film and four-dimension film. It is also the trend of
future attraction film. 4D ride film bring together all the technologies of cylindrical screen, three-dimension
film, motion base, and virtual reality. Audiences may experience both moving and visual stimulations
from all senses. With a prominent theme, high technology, true to life effects, great image impacts, it is
becoming a more popular form of attraction film in recent years.

illustration of 4D film display
illustration of 4D film display

4D Ride film


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