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4D Ride film_A Turtle's Adventure

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Title     Giant Tree
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Length此   13'

Type此    4D attraction film for Cylindrical screen

Release Date
Dec , 2009

With extreme human exploitation, our future planet will be a place
with almost no natural resources and a seriously polluted environment.
A young boy called "Ming" sets out with his toy partners for an adventure.
They are going to find the last clean water. Having fully experienced the
speed and movements brought by a crazy robot driver, they soon realize
that they are being chased hard by an evil steel monster...                               

Title此    A Turtle's Adventure
Resolution此 3072 x 768   1920 x 1080
Length此   15'
Type此    4D attraction film for Cylindrical screen

Release Date
May, 2007

In the ocean,approximately only one of 1000 baby turtles survives,
grows up and returns to the beach where it is born . What makes the newborn
turtles strives towards the sea? What attracts them to complete an
intercontinental migration? What risks will the turtles encounter while
wandering in the vast deep sea?
The audience will see beautiful coconut trees, coral reefs and abysmal
canyons in the mysterious and unpredictable deep-sea world with an
entirely new vision. Let's join the baby turtles for a scary journey! Giant
sharks, huge octopuses(cuttlefish)and frightening sea eels are right
there waiting for you!                               



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